Monday, May 26, 2014

The hype surrounding the new Batman/Superman movie is building and a new slew of pictures has arrived. Amongst them is a dark and shadowy look at Ben Affleck in the new Batsuit. Now the discussion about whether or not he will make a good Batman is going to be reserved for another time. The main point is the suit itself. I have spent some time studying the new suit in different versions of the picture and comparing it to different suits from the comics. The closest version of the suit in the comics is from the Frank Miller Dark Knight comic series. His version of the suit has the most similarities with the one in the Batfleck (yes even I am prey to the popular name scrunching epidemic that we have right now). The two biggest things that are the same are the large and splashy bat symbol on the front of the suit. It looks like it is reaching for the sides and as far as it can go. I bet that it will look especially good when he is gliding around with his cape. The second similarity is the short ears on the cowl. There are a lot of mixed feelings about this particular aspect that stem from as far back at the comic. A large number of the fans did not like the short ears saying that they looked more like cat ears than bat ears. Personally I like the shorter ears with this particular suit. Let me explain, the suit itself looks more supple and flexible. It is very different from the mechanical suit that Christian Bale wore in the Dark Knight movies. This one looks more like what he wears in the comics, a heavy duty body suit and I think that the shorter ears work with it. They won't get in the way during a fight and are too small for a bad guy to grab onto and yank. Until we see more of Batfleck I am putting my stamp of approval on the suit.

Author: Robert Mihm


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