Friday, June 20, 2014

  E3 has come and gone but don't fret because I'm going to do a little recap of all the greatness that graced the big stage in LA,  So lets get to it.

  Starting off with the Microsoft press conference and they came right out of the gate with Call of Duty: Advanced warfare.  It looked good but I couldn't help but feel a little empty and dull watching it because even though it was all flashy, it was still the same concept.  You know shoot this guy behind cover, move up and shoot that other guy.... checkpoint reached.  But this time you have a fancy exoskeleton to make you even more super human than you already were.  Now I'm not going to go into every detail about the demo, but its worth noting that Sledgehammer Games, who also were the founding team (along with Visceral) made the original dead space, is developing the latest installment into the Call of Duty Franchise and for that I hope that maybe somewhere they will bring us a very small slice of that horror into COD, but who knows. If you want to see the demo, you can see it here.

  The second game they showed off was Forza 5.  not much to say really about this one except he announced a new track called the Nurburgring and then there was an awkward pause and then came the late applause by the audience like they were really excited.  oh yeah they mentioned weather effects as well.  that's literally the presentation in a nutshell.  you can watch it here if you like.  Then came Evolve, from the guys that brought you Left 4 Dead and they just showed a short game play trailer showcasing the classes and a new monster... The Kraken!!  I (or Joe) will most likely do a preview of this game sometime in the future but until then here is the trailer.

why does it feel like someone is watching meeeeee.

  Then after Evolve, came a demo of Assassins creed Unity.  Its set in 18th century Paris, has 4 player coop and it looks amazing.  I want to get into great detail about this game so bad but this is just a quick recap of E3 so I'll make this short and spare you lines of literature.  Just watch the  demo.  Next came a trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition and it's a beauty.  I played a little of Dragon Age Origins and never touched the second so I cant say much about the story and lore but this trailer looks incredible.  After Dragon Age, Insomniac Games took to the stage with their Microsoft exclusive Sunset Overdrive and there was way to much going on in the demo for me to comprehend so I'll just leave you with this.  Do you know that little camera that you were forced to buy with the Xbox One?  Yeah, the Kinect?  Well they had to squeeze just a little something into their briefing and that little something is Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved.  The next dance game from Harmonix and speaking of Harmonix, they also announced Dance Central Spotlight and its going to be a downloadable game with the occasional release of new songs and its also a Xbox exclusive.

what will he do for the ones he has lost?

  Fable legends was the next game on deck showing us some co-op game play and also some game play showing off the player as the villain.  This is a 4 vs 1 game with 4 co-op heroes facing against a single playable villain. Here's the demo if you wish to watch.  They showed a couple of trailers for Project Spark and another title by the name of Ori and The Blind Forest and then it happened... HALO.  The Xbox's bread and butter.  They announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection which includes Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 all coming exclusively to the Xbox One.  Also they showed off some multiplayer game play of the older Halos and they promised that the only thing they have done is just remaster the games and not mess with the core game play of the multiplayer. Here's all of the Halo goodness that your eyes can handle.

  Next for Microsoft was a trailer for a new game called Inside and this is from Playdead, the same guys that brought us Limbo.  After Inside's Debut on the big stage, came a trailer showcasing all of the upcoming indie games for the Xbox One and its quite a few.  Another trailer also came across the big screen and it was.... wait for it... TOMB RAIDER!!  This one was actually a surprise for me because I knew that they were making another but this one looks even darker than the first and I love it.  Here's the trailer.  The next game play demo was The Witcher 3.  Now I have played a little bit of the Witcher 1 and 2 so I cant really get into the story much but supposedly, this is not going to tie into the other games... Well see but until then, I will keep this game on my radar for 2015.  To close up the press conference they showed off a sweet demo of The Divison, a highly ambitious RPG/MMO/Open world game that looks fantastic.  Now this is a game that just keeps looking better and better every time they show it off and i personally cant wait until this thing releases.  And Finally Microsoft ended the show with a Crakdown trailer.  now lets just hope this isn't hyped to much for its own good... Crackdown 2 anyone?  Here's the trailer.

  I thought Microsoft's press conference was solid.  They came out and said that they were just gonna show games and they delivered.  No motion control gimmicks and apps to download on your Xbox One, it was purely about what the consumer and gamer wants... games and for that I applaud Microsoft.  Now I just want to go on record and say that this is in no way being a "fanboy".  I just thought that they had a really good conference and lets just face it...We're all just here for the games right?  I want to SO BAD write a Sony E3 recap but I've been really busy with work and also wasn't feeling well for the past few days, so what I'm going to do is just post a list of ALL games that were at E3 (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) and put them up on this web site. I want to go into detail about every press conference but in reality, that could take a very long time and we have games to play and reviews to write as well as all of the news that you want to hear.  Please send me some feed back on this article and also on the web site as well.  We really love hearing from you all and it's exciting to see the interaction between our readers and listeners of our podcast.  So thanks again everybody for the support and as always....

I'll see you on the battlefield



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