Sunday, June 8, 2014

The 12th show of the Geeks Amok Podcast is done and is officially in the history books!

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  1. By far, my favorite episode. My only argument is this: Frank, really? You haven't seen any of The Hobbits, and you have no plan to do so? I mean, I get that you didn't read the books. It's okay, reading isn't for everyone, buddy. IT'S HARD! :D But The Hobbit precedes everything that falls within The Lord of The Rings. I think The Hobbit helps you develop an appreciation for the strength and courage that Frodo displays by showing you exactly how Bilbo himself changed over the course of his travels to reclaim The Lonely Mountain with the dwarves. Hobbits aren't normally brave or outgoing, nor are they natural born fighters. You begin to see the breakdown of the Second White Council, when Saruman ignores Gandalf's concerns. You saying that you don't want to see The Hobbit trilogy is akin to someone saying that Star Wars episodes 1-3 are pointless and not worth watching: nonsense. Go watch the first two, mainly the first one because the second one has a couple parts that make me want to kick babies and hit grandmothers. Also- Tauriel. Evangeline Lilly is in the second one, looking all kinds of hot. You're welcome.

    That's really all that I have. I love you guys, and your dick jokes.

    1. Thank you for your comment! This is Frank by the way. I completely intend to give the hobbit series a try. Just out of curiosity, what makes this your favorite episode? Thanks for loving our dick jokes, and for listening! Were going to mention you in the next podcast for sure! Make sure to tune in!

    2. What makes this episode my favorite? Nothing more than the fact that it's the most recent one, and you guys get better and better as we go along. I love when you guys have techy discussions, like the Google glass, and satellite wifi. You guys make me laugh consistently, and the fact you're going to mention me has pretty much made my entire day.

    3. Deb! This is Frank. We will be recording on Saturday night, and since I wanted to mention your response in the podcast can you tell me the first initial of your last name and what city and state your in?.

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