Sunday, June 15, 2014

  Hi, my name is Justin and I'm a geek.  I've been this way for several (and i mean several) years and I'm proud of it.  I'm new and I will be posting on different topics such as the latest gaming news and possibly reviews of some of the latest games.  I will give my complete honest opinion on the things I write about and complete facts about games like pros and cons, because lets be honest, every game has its flaws no matter how huge the game is.  Now I'm not gonna be Debbie downer or anything but if you purchase a game after I've written about it, then just don't blame me..... blame Joe Clatch.
  I'm just playing, I love these guys and I'm super proud of what they've done with this website and their podcast.  Hopefully I'll be able to join an episode one day if work permitted.  Now for a little background for all of you fine ladies and gents, I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!!!  That is going to be a recurring theme from my posts and to start things off on a great note, I've been tasked to do an article on E3 and I am stoked.  I'll be starting that soon and hopefully after I write it, It will be decent enough to please the Geeks Amok gods.
  The games that I love (in no particular order) are anything from Bioware, (excluding Mass Effect 3), Rockstar Games, Dice, Irrational Games and Bethesda Game Studios, but my favorite game of all time is (drum roll please)...... The legend or Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The movies I love are anything Marvel, all of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies and the Transformers.  Now there are a bunch of other movies and games I really enjoy but that will make for a very loooong post and I will save you guys the trouble.
  This is just a little bit about myself and I'm very grateful to be apart of this family.  I've been friends with Joe, Frank and Kurt for a long time from back to our Call of Duty 4 and early Battlefield days.  So we go back.... waaaay back (giggity) and i couldn't ask for a better group of friends as well as my friends that I've made the move to PC with and also the guys that i've left behind on Xbox.  I love you guys and you'll always be my friends.  Again thanks everyone for the opportunity and the support!!! You guys (the fans) will hopefully be hearing from me again soon.

  See you on the battlefield,



  1. Great to have you buddy I'm looking forward to your future works!

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