Friday, July 17, 2015

We finally get to the Scarecrow. He gives himself up but drops a bombshell on us. As we try to reduce the blast radius of the bomb with the fear toxin, an old friend drops in for a visit. Meanwhile we go to a memory in which Commissioner Gordon sees what Batman is up to. It's a big link to Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the 4th and final installment in the Arkham series although it the 3rd one developed by Rocksteady. The events take place about a year after the events of Arkham City. Batman is trying to hunt down Scarecrow who has threatened to release a toxin into Gotham. Scarecrow has gathered some of Batman's villains including a mysterious Dark Knight to try and kill him once and for all. This game is the 1st in the Arkham series to introduce the Batmobile as a usable vehicle.

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