Sunday, June 29, 2014

This episode was crazy.  We were all over the place and it started with the website.  The shirts I was looking at were in the Graveyard section that is basically retired and no longer for sale.  Since I couldn't stop laughing during the cast, here are the ones I liked best (while just scanning the 25 pages I went through) and decided to share with the fans.  I could have kept going, but obviously didn't...

Tron Mario!  One of many other ones with this design.

Back to the Dead!

Deadpool meets Leonardo!

TMNT and Batman Mix 

This Is Great!  Grand Theft Delorean, GTA meets Back to the Future!

Iron Man meets Metroid!

Must Eat Brains!  Get it...

Akira meets Back to the Future!  AWESOME!

Sin City meets Breaking Bad!  Epic! 

Micheangelo the Artist?

TMNT meets Akira!

Bert and Ernie as Batman and Robin

 Supernatural as the Batman Animated Series

Zombified Pulp Fiction.

 Exactly! What did he say!

Epic!  IT Crowd 8-Bit!

TMNT as the Justice League!

Just like this!

Dick Tracy Rapheal.  This is what started my browsing! 

X-Men meets TMNT!

Power Ranger Ying Yang!

I could have kept going with this, but stopped at page 25 and randomly browsing.  Go to the site and check out the graveyard section.  Share your favorites!



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