Thursday, September 4, 2014

  Remember when LG announced that it had managed to create a rollable 18-inch display? Well, here's the proof: a very much flexible OLED display. The resolution might not be there yet (1,200 x 810, alas) but the hopes and dreams of a picnic-blanket TV set -- they're getting more real every day.

  But is this a reasonable use of this Tech or is it just another Fad that comes and goes?  The thinness of the screen in general is more interesting to me that being being able to roll it up.  The question I have is how do we get it too also use a flat wire technology for inputs and outputs so that it can be installed or adhered to a wall and have full function like a normal TV with out visible peripherals?  More updates to come as we here more about this technology.

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