Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The next iteration of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm will arrive this fall.  Titled Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution the story appears to center on the formation and the early days of the Akatsuki as well as the early days of Itachi and his best friend Shisui before the events that led to Itachi leaving the leaf village.
The gameplay trailer shows off  some of the new highlights for this new iteration and I have to say that I am excited.  They look to be incorporating 2v2 battles as well as full combo moves that can be done with a partner.  The playable character lineup looks like it is going to be the largest one to date with over 100 ninjas to choose from.  Naruto fans will be excited to see the Kage lineup as well as the 7 Swordsman and of course the core cast.  I am excited to see a younger Itachi and a playable Shisui for the first time.  (that fire sword looks pretty amazing)  The only downside is Robot Naruto?!
As a big fan of Naruto and this game series I am eagerly looking forward to this game.  This series has a surprising amount of depth.  While the control scheme is deceptively simple at first glance it has a lot more depth as you begin to master the nuances of the button flicks and combinations.  It looks like this new game will follow much the same control scheme as the last few that have come out.  This means that old players will be able to pick up from where they last played and new players will be able to jump into the action with only the most basic instruction.
Now I know that this is just a trailer and that while they show some gameplay that there might be small differences I think that the finished product will be really close.  The graphics that are shown are very nice and the animations look to be on par with the show.  All in all the is looking to be a great addition to the series. 


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