Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our Fate is What we make?
  So Destiny and most people interested have played it and all of them have some strong opinions. Here at Geeks Amok we also have some opinions. Some reviewer will completely bash Destiny because they are susceptible to hype.  I'm not I take everything I play or watch with an open mind....

  As a long time supporter of Bungie, My love for the things they create come way before Halo. In fact I have been playing there work since my first computer which was a Macintosh Performa 450. It started with Pathways in Darkness:

  Then it continues with Marathon, Marathon: Durandal, and Marathon: Infinity.  This game has some many similarities to the Halo universe it's crazy. I for one have been putting the puzzle pieces together for decades now.  I love seeing nods to past gaming experiences that are technically complete different IP's. Lets take good look at the history here:

Marathon Series:

Halo Saga:

   Again maybe these are just a knod and wink.  But I think there is more to this story that what we've seen.  I believe it's all calminated to a point where the converge all of the realities or universes. You see this symbol and story similarities that not only to often seem to repeat but most importantly make you think to yourself. "This has all  happened before."

  Now Destiny has arrived and again you feel that same way.  The similarities are everywhere....and I love that! Below is a image of the "Protector" over The Last City on Earth. Notice what it looks like. It doesn't get anymore obvious than that. This has all happened before.

 I've read a lot of reviews out there and a big complaint is people feel disappointed in Destiny.  Because in fact they here statements like "Most expensive game ever produced."  Ok lets be real here.  Anyone plays into that fact is completely ignorant to the vision Bungie is trying to create which in my opinion they did wonderfully at.
 The game is gorgeous, truly a Next Gen game that makes you want to stop and explore, look up at the sky and say where should I go next?

  The problem here is that people are complaining that the game is short.  That you spend a lot of time grinding missions so you can finish the game. I ask you this are you playing this game just to complete it or to immerse yourself in interesting narrative?  I look for the narrative.  The story drew me in completely I found myself asking lots of questions and looking forward to getting the answers as the gameplay proceeded. Yes, there are times of rinse and repeat but seriously it's a game if you want completely random experiences get off your chair and go outside.  Destiny does a fantastic job at putting in a place your strangling familiar with but don't feel safe in at all.

  Speaking of gameplay it plays very well vary much like Halo, but different.  Different classes to play, customization in weapons and armor, loot drops, etc.  I look forward to playing this in a co-op setting.  Everyone should give it a chance, my recommendation if that all gamers get over themselves and appreciate what Bungie has created here. Get in there with your buddy and save the Galaxy cause "The Darkness" is coming for all of you.

Destiny 8/10

Stay Classy Bitches!

PS:  This game was obviously made with PC in mind. But for now I will enjoy it on Xbox One.


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