Monday, March 30, 2015

Background Character Love

Frank and Scott discuss Star Wars geek stuff.

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  1. I still have about 6 model trains and lots of Joe's

  2. Impressive ! most impressive * heavy breathing*

  3. how about ( challenge ! get 1hour shows worth of shit to talk about ) one show per vintage figure .. stagger the shows , like , 2 shows of random stuff and like your doing now , then 3rd show , all about the first SW fig , number 1 on the 92 card back ...then do 2 more shows as per usual , then 6th show , 2nd vintage figure on the list . then 2 regular shows , then 3rd vintage ...blah blah blah ! and so on and so on , that gives you 93 shows ( including Yak) , that's a future of pod casts for a long time ! lol and would be a fucking awesome focus for an hour show every 3 shows .. boom !



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