Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Month One

The following is a HUGE ******SPOILER ALERT****** so read on only if you dare (or just didn't order and want to see what the big fuss is about or in my opinion lack of).

The first box from Marvel's Collector Corps has been shipped and delivered to my doorstep. When I received the notification at work I wanted to drop everything I was doing and rush home. Unfortunately I am a grown up with "responsibilities" and can't risk losing my job. However, I do work in an IT Dept so my boss might have understood the urgency of the matter and let me leave.

The pictures:

My Opinion:
The hype of Marvel doing a subscription box instead of a 3rd party seller was over sold especially the price point for the bi-monthly cost. Most MONTHLY subscription boxes are not even close to this price point at roughly $32 per box. The major flaw to Marvel's service is the price of paying for shipping. My Loot Crate subscription has more content than the FIRST Marvel box. This should have been Marvel's "Look At Me" box. Regardless, the Bi-Monthly updates will continue. The only other issue applied to the collector in me (at least in my box I received). The Age of Ultron Dorbz Vinyl Figure box was opened as well as the bag containing the figure instead of sealed. I myself like to keep them in store bought conditions for future trades, sales or eventually opening them myself. I guess they wanted to make sure everyone received the Ultron figure.

Look forward to future Unboxings from Geeks Amok.

Peace Out Ninja's and remember to "Geek Out With Your Tech Out"


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