Monday, July 28, 2014

  It seems that the gaming market is saturated with zombie games with Call Of Duty Zombies, State of decay, Read Dead Redemption's Undead nightmare and the ever so addicting and highest selling game on Steam, DayZ. But what if I was to tell you that there is yet another Zombie/Survival/MMO in the horizon and it could come at anytime.  Load your rifles and watch your back, this is H1Z1.... wait where's... CAAAARRRRRRLLLLLLL!!!!!

  H1Z1 is being developed by Planetside 2's SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) and may I say that even with all of the other zombie games on the market, I for one am excited for this game.  It's a Zombie/Survival/MMO hybrid that will drop you into a world that is somewhere in middle America with the intentions to constantly expand the ever growing map.  You'll have tools to your disposal to craft the things you need from barricades to buildings and even  dew traps to catch the rain and dew for water.  As of me typing this, they have around 100 craftable items in H1Z1 and they are continuing to grow with each of the pre alpha builds.

Along with craftable items, there are also vehicles to drive and maintain, Wildlife to hunt and be hunted by, endless amounts of buildings to loot, players to interact with, and day and night/full weather cycles ranging from rain to snow and yes the weather impacts the players ability to survive and yes the weather is accumulative meaning that the rain will gather puddles and the snow will blanket the world in white.

Hi there neighbor!!!

  As for the player interaction, It seems to be kind of a mix between Rust's comedic undertones and Dayz's serious standoffs.  I was watching a live stream of someone playing H1Z1 at SOE's studios and found myself laughing at all of the shenanigans that they were getting their self's into with the funny and sometimes unforgiving game designers that where constantly trolling them during the live stream.  I like the fact that H1Z1 doesnt take it's self to seriously without having to sacrifice the serious factor of it.  I mean it is a zombie survival game after all and surviving the apocalypse isn't all fun and games (pun intended).

  Now for the crafting, it seems that they are taking the "chop down a tree and discover recipes that lead to other recipes" approach and I say to that, don't fix what isn't broken because I for one don't have a problem with that system.  There's also going to be guns as well to discover like the M1911, M16, Shotgun, craftable Bow and even a high powered sniper rifle to pick off an unexpected poor soul.  Before the rage comments commence, With the exception of the bow and M1911, these weapons are going to be hard to find as their loot spawns will be ridiculously low in houses but slightly higher in places on the outskirts of the map.

sir please remove yourself from the front of my jeep.

    H1Z1 is currently in pre alpha meaning that it is close to releasing on steam via early access (alpha) and when it comes to early access, it will be $20 and when it finds its completed state, it will be free to play meaning that you don't even have to drop a single dollar on this if you don't want to but if you want to support SOE in helping H1Z1 grow after release you can purchase micro transactions that will be completely cosmetic meaning that there will be NO micro transactions for weapons and clothes that provide warmth for your character. so this IS NOT going to be a pay to win game.  SOE has said from the beginning that H1Z1 is completely a community driven game and they have proved that through numerous live streams and forum posts.  Folks you might want to keep your eyes and ears open for H1Z1. Here's a link to their official website along with a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure.

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